New Productions

Thetford Historical Character Walks, 2014

The popular Thetford Historical Character Walks are back for 2014! The dates are as follows:-

Sunday 29 June

Sunday 24 August

Sunday 19 October

All Walks start at 2.00pm from the Thomas Paine Hotel, Whitehart Street, Thetford and last approximately 90 minutes. The August Walk will be a particularly special one as it will include characters from the original Walk plus additional characters will feature who participated in last year's one-off Priory Walk, also a stop at the Bell Hotel for light refreshments.

All Walks in 2014 will be wheelchair-friendly and tickets are priced at £6 each or £20 for a group (four people of any age) for the June and October Walks, the August Walk will be £8 each or £28 for a group, including refreshments. Come along and support the Walks and hopefully learn something about Thetford that you never knew!

Acts of Summer, July 2014
A trio of one-act plays will be performed, one of which will showcase our junior members, the second will feature some of our adult members and the third will have both adult and junior members. The dates and times are as follows: -

Dates: Saturday 19 July 2014

Time: 3.00pm - 5.00pm (doors open at 2.30pm)

Venue: The Carnegie Room, Cage Lane, Thetford, IP24 2DS

Ticket prices: To be confirmed

Play one: 'Can You See It From Here?' by Geoff Bamber (junior members)

The performance of this play by the Hereford Junior Players won the Best Junior Play award at Hereford Drama Festival, 2013 and the adjudicator's award at the Willow Guild Festival, 2013.

Thetford Players member Maria Cooke will be making her directing debut with this play which is to be performed by junior members only. The play is a science fiction comedy especially for children set in a galaxy of diversely colored planets, each of which is on the brink of declaring war on the others. When news of impending mayhem reaches the Control Center of Inter-Galactic Security, it happens to be a weekend and suitable operatives are in short supply. Can Eric, the computer nerd, and Jenny, a secretary on her first day at work, prevent a horrifying conflict? A task, it should be said, hardly made any easier by the influence of unscrupulous dark-side cosmic villain, Lord Velcro.

Play 2: 'A Human Write' by Amy Sutton (adult members)

The production of this play by the Glow Theatre Group gained the adjudicator's award for the director and overall runner up in the Southern Counties Drama Festival, 2013.

Jo Cooper will be directing this play which will have a cast from our adult membership. This is a fascinating one-act drama that uses mime and rhyme to take us into the mind of a writer who is grappling not only with their writing but also with their personal life as they desperately attempt to strike up a relationship with someone they see regularly on the bus. Well paced and gathering speed, the play uses the chorus to reveal the writer's thoughts - sometimes cogent, sometimes chaotic - come to life as the surreal become real.

Play 3: 'Three Nil Down at Half Time' by Jonathan Edgington (adult and junior members)
The production by the Watlington Young Players won Best Youth Production at the 2013 Hunstanton Drama Festival.

Jo Cooper and Maria Cooke will be co-directing this one-act play which features a mixed cast of adult and junior members. The girls' soccer team is on a losing streak - until a half-time bet leads to a change of management! Will this alter the outcome of the match?!

Ticket sales

Online ticket booking and further details for purchasing tickets from the Leaping Hare in-person, are available at

The Leaping Hare Tourist Office, Belmont House, 20 King Street, Thetford